Motorola Solutions Catalog

2018 MOTOROLA SOLUTIONS CATALOG WE OFFER THOROUGH, CUSTOMIZED, END-TO-END SOLUTIONS Whether you’re a hotel manager preparing a VIP guest arrival, a supervisor taking delivery of the hottest new fashion, or a teacher who needs to communicate with a colleague across campus, we can help you stay in touch across multiple locations or buildings with multiple floors. MOTOROLA EVX-S24 PORTABLE DIGITAL TWO-WAY RADIO Compact and discreet. The EVX-S24 is built to IP67 specifications. It is water- submersible to 1 meter and dustproof to survive the most demanding conditions. COMMUNICATE IN AN INSTANT With push-to-talk, front-line and field workers can communicate instantly with other team members, resolving issues and responding to emergencies at the speed of business. SMART FIRE AND FIRST RESPONSE FOR THE MOMENTS THAT MATTER When every second counts, you need to be able to share information seamlessly across multiple response teams, regardless of the device or network.